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Monthly Archives: March, 2011

Worth a visit: bumbershute

I have loved this local shop at 50th & France in Edina (also in Wayzata, but have never been to that one) since they opened.  Hadn’t been in a while though so was … Continue reading

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Tonight’s dinner courtesy of Mario Batali

Got this in my email inbox by way of the GOOP newsletter… by way of Mario Batali’s iPhone/iPad app, “Mario Batali Cooks”. Since I’m a HTC EVO Shift user (I … Continue reading

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Deals on fashion jewelry at Charm & Chain

Just discovered Charm & Chain, an online store that carries some great fashion jewelry brands, like one of my favorites, Alexis Bittar, along with Dannijo, Lee Angel, and Fallon.  It’s … Continue reading

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Slow food has come to Minneapolis…

…but not the kind of Slow Food movement that has to do with sustainable, healthful, food and fair trade.  I mean literally, food that is slow, too slow. The culprits … Continue reading

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Inspiration from “Hard Choices”

Just read a very inspiring story in this week’s BusinessWeek, the “Hard Choices” column, in which the former Chairman & CEO of global ad agency Y&R, Hamish McLennan, discusses his … Continue reading

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Drool-worthy bags for spring

Yikes! I am totally infatuated with these bags, and as I need not one of them, I’m hoping one of you readers will indulge… it would be too sad for … Continue reading

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Sunday dinner recipe: garlicky chicken

Just tried a new and simple chicken recipe from In the Kitchen with a Good Appetite a cookbook written by Melissa Clark. You might recall, the first recipe I tried … Continue reading

March 20, 2011 · 1 Comment

USA Today: Women fall head over heels for shoes

Yesterday my husband handed me this article from the Tuesday USA Today. Women fall head over heels for shoes – He thought it might be of interest for my … Continue reading

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Wanted: a cook’s kitchen for family living

For those who haven’t followed our saga in person, we’re selling our house.  Which, in this somewhat traumatized real estate market has been just about as unpleasant as you might … Continue reading

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Simple ways to do what you can for Japan

Sitting here in the comfort of my home, drinking filtered tap water, eating a simple lunch with my two little girls, and then putting in a few loads of laundry, … Continue reading

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