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USA Today: Women fall head over heels for shoes

Yesterday my husband handed me this article from the Tuesday USA Today. Women fall head over heels for shoes – He thought it might be of interest for my blog, since I have been known to post pics of my shoes before!

So, the article is not exactly a newsflash, as I think woman’s love affair with shoes has been enduring and well documented (who remembers the Sex & the City episode when Carrie can’t afford to buy her New York apartment but realizes it’s because she’s probably got the equivalent of her down payment in her shoe closet?).

But, despite being obvious, the article hit the nail on the head: shoes are great because they always fit, are easy to shop for, and can somehow, almost magically, transform a lackluster or unremarkable wardrobe into something stylish.
At 5’2″ I’m probably even more aware of my shoes mainly because I wear very high heels when I’m at work or going out. The shoes are so flattering and almost sculptural in their design. Sometimes I actually just admire them in my closet, and inventory them thinking of which new ones I’ll buy for the season.

I’ll never forget when I had my first baby how hard it was to switch over to flats in the last trimester (for safety and comfort!) and when going to the park or for a walk with the baby in a stroller – as a new mom I discovered there were a few places where high heels felt out-of-place. But, then I discovered ballet flats which are also adorable and this only fueled my shoe habit with a new genre to explore.

So how do I stack up on their survey? Here it is:

U.S. Avg        Me

Avg pairs bought/yr                                 3                         4-5
Avg cost/pair                                           $49                   $250
A “shoe person”                                       39%                   110% – clearly!
Like heels 2 3/4″ and higher              8%                     Majority are 3″+
Own more than 30 pairs of shoes    13%                   Yes…but it’s close

For the record, I’ve never hidden a shoe splurge from my husband or kept it a secret. But, it’s not like I come home and report exactly how much I spent either, and he usually doesn’t ask — I think we both realize full disclosure is not best for the marriage in this case!  Especially since I work and have a source of income to pay for said shoes, he really doesn’t need to know.  But I was a little “busted” when he realized the shoe salesman I use at Nordstroms was calling me at home to notify of pre-sales! (BTW, Nordstroms card holders, triple rewards points on NOW through Sunday, so if you’ve been eying a new pair for spring…)


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