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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver


I’m a lover of food, fashion, travel, design, and new experiences.  Fashion and design are forms of art, and finding and writing about them is a fun creative outlet for me. Likewise, new travel and food experiences are also favorite pastimes for both me and my husband. As a thirty-something woman, wife, and working mom of daughters in kindergarten and second grade, I started this blog to keep a space for my pre-kid passions. Being a mom to babies, and then toddlers, was so all-consuming at times that it was important for me to preserve my non-mom-self in some way.

But as our girls grow, I find it’s important to pause frequently and think about how to integrate my more superficial pursuits with our more spiritual (not religious, just rooted in our values) pursuits as a family. So, from time to time I reflect here on how to strike a balance: between living what the consumer culture would consider a “good life” with what our family knows is a life that is good. They are not the same thing, and the latter doesn’t require the former at all. But I also hope that if you live with purpose, they don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

A few other things about me: I am not a writer (which you’ll be able to tell from my posts!), I am a lifelong Midwesterner, currently living in a ‘burb of Minneapolis, Minnesota. My career is in business, working in digital marketing –  where I’m fortunate enough to work part-time so I can be home when my girls come off the school bus and spend a little time with them in the classroom on a regular basis.

I will continue to share some of my personal experiences and will be sure to offer links, sources, articles, and yes, things of beauty that I hope you’ll enjoy!



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