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Wanted: a cook’s kitchen for family living

For those who haven’t followed our saga in person, we’re selling our house.  Which, in this somewhat traumatized real estate market has been just about as unpleasant as you might expect it to be. Our list price is around 10% below where we bought it, and we’ve put a significant amount into the house while living here.  The only bright spots are 1) our realtor, John, who does everything possible to make it a tolerable experience and who is realistic with us but also assertive with potential buyers’ agents and 2) our situation – since we don’t need to move –  it gives a sense of control that has helped us keep a lot of the emotion at bay.

What do I do when I’m up to here with keeping the house immaculate for showings and haggling with potential buyers over the price? Daydream about my fantasy kitchen.  I hope our next home will allow us to remodel the kitchen exactly how we want and to suit our family’s life.  So I’ve been clipping magazines and searching online for inspiration that I’m filing away for that future project, which I’m sure will make for some good blog topics as well! Just look at that wall of windows at left, which open to a patio. This pic is courtesy of House Beautiful, one of their Kitchens of the Month. Below is a close-up of the sink area and some cabinets.  Loving the marble counter with the light wood, gives a warmer feel than the more common white cabinets, don’t you think?

The big apron front farmhouse sink is nice for washing larger pots plus in ceramic is has a nice casual but polished look.  Lastly, double ovens are a must – this would, perhaps, be life changing. Or, at least meal-changing, as I sometimes have to menu plan around my single oven (e.g., timing dishes just right so everything will be ready at the same time or can stay warm, and maximizing stove-top dishes to minimize need for ovens at competing times). Really, it makes meal planning like an advanced math problem. And I love cooking, but I hate math.

The kitchen below was designed by Minneapolis architects Rehkamp Larson. They designed a friend’s new home with stunning results (check out this month’s Metro Magazine if you’re a local and want to see it, their home is featured there!).  Love the clean look and little details like the scallop edge on hood and island. Also, note the hardwood floors. After having had wood in our first kitchen and tile in the current, I think I’d go back to wood again in the new place.

I know a remodel is not a small undertaking, but just look at the rewards! The question is, how to keep to the budget and still maximize the functionality AND style? Well, first we’d better move and then tackle this question.


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