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Monthly Archives: June, 2011

Remodeling progress update

We kicked off our work with the architects at Albertsson Hansen in May, shortly after moving into our new home. Christine is our lead architect and Maria is the associate … Continue reading

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The healthy and the not-so-much

This week I tried out two new spots with my little girls: Mill Valley Kitchen (the healthy) and then Pandolfi (the not-so-much).  We enjoyed both, for as you can imagine, … Continue reading

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Summer sale at Smythson of Bond Street

Cannot stop gazing at some of the finest leather goods on sale in vivid jewel tones like hibiscus, amber, and jade. My fascination with Smythson started years ago when I had … Continue reading

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My surprising prize from Martha O’Hara Interiors

I never win anything. Probably because I rarely enter anything since I figure the odds are stacked against me it’s not worth the effort to enter.  Maybe it’s a defeatist … Continue reading

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The store of my dreams

I had so much to write about last week, and also a ton of real work to get done, so am just now getting around to this post about a … Continue reading

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Local shop supporting local causes!

Arafina, a local women’s apparel boutique in the Galleria in Edina, is known for statement-making dresses, jackets, jewelry, and other accessories — but social statements? Heck yeah! I’m on their email … Continue reading

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Korean food on the West side

I’m way behind on my posts, because last weekend there was so much to write about and so little time as the weather is finally getting good and the days … Continue reading

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Technicolor decor this summer

I’ve inadvertently ended up in a mecca to beige. When we re-carpeted the basement and painted over the wood paneling a week after moving in last month, I hastily chose … Continue reading

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