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Simple ways to do what you can for Japan

Sitting here in the comfort of my home, drinking filtered tap water, eating a simple lunch with my two little girls, and then putting in a few loads of laundry, it is almost impossible to even begin imagining the experiences of the people of north coast of Japan right now.  There’s nothing in my limited life experience that helps me to relate to their about what they are going through. Yet, the beauty of humanity is that despite this, when you read the news and see the images on TV from the earthquake in Japan and the resulting tsunami, you are  undoubtedly overcome with empathy and compassion, and hopefully moved to do something. A few easy “somethings” I’ve found to help you take action:

  • Donate through Red Cross by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make an automatic donation of $10 through your cell phone bill.
  • Text JAPAN to 864233 to donate $10 to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF to direct your money specifically towards helping the children affected.
  • Make a donation through your account on for any amount, billed to your credit card.
  • Global Giving takes donations on their site starting at $25 , they also do a nice job of succinctly reporting on what the problem is, the magnitude of it, and the various ways in which your money will help them aid the affected region.

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