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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Monthly Archives: April, 2011

Home, sweet home

Yesterday marked the first week of living in our new home. It actually feels like we’ve been here longer as we’ve been settling in really well and are making good … Continue reading

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Moving on, literally!

We just moved into our new home, our third house since getting married less than eight years ago. After a few months on the market we sold the house we’ve … Continue reading

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New art for the new digs

Much belated post, as we’re in a whirlwind over here with the move… only 1 day left to box up what remains of our belongings to tote down the road … Continue reading

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Jay-Z enters the blogosphere

And even if you know not (or care not) about this hip hop mogul’s music or lifestyle, you ought to check out his new blog Life + Times. It’s a … Continue reading

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Spring cleaning for your face

So much craziness going on now with our pending move (11 days ’til the big day!), work stress (a big project coming to a head), and recovering from the last week … Continue reading

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Discover the La Belle Vie Lounge

I was turned on to this by a friend who is always in the know about restaurants. She and her husband are foodies-about-town and a few years back they had … Continue reading

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Local pizzeria is a foodie find

That’s the conclusion my husband and I drew based on our first Pizzeria Lola experience. First, I was kind of skeptical and critical of this new southwest Minneapolis eatery. I … Continue reading

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