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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Summer sale at Smythson of Bond Street

Cannot stop gazing at some of the finest leather goods on sale in vivid jewel tones like hibiscus, amber, and jade. My fascination with Smythson started years ago when I had first read about them in one of my magazines. Some short time later I found myself in New York shopping and their flagship U.S. store just off 5th Avenue was on the “must see” list.  

Of course, I knew that if I went inside I would buy something, any little thing, just to capture a piece of this place for myself.  In the shop the rich and enchanting smell of leather mingled in my mind with the literally overwhelming beauty of the colors, textures, and shapes before me. At the time I had just finished graduate school and wasn’t accustomed to splurging on something like a notebook or cosmetic case (gorgeous though they might be, these little pretties will also set you back more than a few…yes, even at the sale prices). But I was powerless against the singular aesthetic of the emerald-green lizard embossed leather travel wallet, lined in fuchsia satin fabric and reinforced with the daintiest of brass hardware at the corners. And really isn’t a little artful living worth it now and then? Seven years later I’m still using my travel wallet, and whenever I do it still makes me smile. Take a peek below and I think you’ll be smiling too!

Hibiscus zip-around travel wallet

Amber cosmetic case

Fuchsia “Bliss List” small notebook


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