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My surprising prize from Martha O’Hara Interiors

I never win anything. Probably because I rarely enter anything since I figure the odds are stacked against me it’s not worth the effort to enter.  Maybe it’s a defeatist attitude, or the result of too many semesters of statistics and econometrics drilling into my head probabilities and expected values. Wow – that really made me sound like a pragmatist and a big geek all in one sentence.

So when I saw the Facebook giveaway from Martha O’Hara Interiors I almost didn’t enter. But it was so easy (just tag yourself in one of their photos on FB) that I figured “why not?”. Besides, I love this showroom. It’s basically a clearing house for the design studio to offload their inventory of high-end furniture that is used for their luxury home staging business.

They’ve got everything from upholstered headboards to rugs, dressers to cocktail tables, not to mention a whole lot of throw pillows, lamps, and other accessories to add some polish to your home.

Here’s the kicker – I received a message yesterday that I was one of three winners for their Facebook giveaway!  Woo hoo… it was such a fun surprise and really made my day to see their post. So they said I could come  by the showroom and select my prize from three options: a decorative mirror, a rug, and a throw. I chose the throw, it’s a gorgeous Designers Guild mohair wool with the subtlest bit of golden thread woven in near the fringe, in a bold and fun fuchsia! Thank you so much Martha O’Hara gang for being a great local resource AND for hosting such a fun promotion online. Very creative and a great way to spread the word about your showroom’s big move. Can’t wait to see the new space and all of the goodies it will house!

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