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New art for the new digs

Much belated post, as we’re in a whirlwind over here with the move… only 1 day left to box up what remains of our belongings to tote down the road to our new place.

Went to a fun preview and reception benefit for the Minneapolis Institute of Arts put on by the Department of Prints and Drawings last Friday.  A good friend of mine was a host and it was a beautiful event. Lovely food, lovely drinks, and most importantly, lovely art. Great collection of various dealers from across the country, with prices ranging from under $400 to sky’s the limit for the likes of Picasso, Matisse, and the like.  It was a very nice and much-needed break in the chaos of our month-long packing endeavors — a peaceful time to just gaze and beautiful and interesting artworks of all sorts. And yes, I did find several prints that really caught my attention and just seemed right for our new place. 

However, as I was flying solo with girlfriends, didn’t feel right about purchasing too much without my husband’s input, because art is really so personal and I’ve found we have similar, but not the same, tastes so it could be dicey.  End of the evening, with much support and encouragement from my friends, I did land on this original piece, a print by an artist named William McCarthy, called “Dusk”. Not that I am the type of person who knows artists or anything about provenance of the art I buy. Would that I had the time and education to do so…  All that I know is what I like, and I buy art that when I look at it I feel happy!  Isn’t this gorgeous?

Well, actually this is not, the photo from my camera phone doesn’t do the vibrant colors justice.  Suffice to say I think it’s a very special piece that will no doubt find a good home in our new place… (and my husband actually liked it too, as I thought he would).  Cannot wait to get it framed and hung!

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