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Local pizzeria is a foodie find

That’s the conclusion my husband and I drew based on our first Pizzeria Lola experience. First, I was kind of skeptical and critical of this new southwest Minneapolis eatery. I mean, did Minnesotans really need yet another Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza joint? Punch, Pizza Nea, Mozza Mia, we kind of have the bases covered, no? And, for the record I am a huge Punch fan – we used to live near the Lake Calhoun Punch and ate there at least twice a week for many months back in 2004, and still enjoy returning even though we’re not in the ‘hood anymore.

But, this place from Ann Kim is different. For one, this Korean-born chef has a pizza with kimchi sausage on it, yummers! So, as you might guess, some of the other flavor profiles are definitely different from your usual as well.

We ordered the Lady ZaZa (me):

House-made kimchi sausage with shishito peppers, soy, scallions & sesame oil– spicy and tangy from the shishito and kimchi, with an outstanding tomato sauce that complements the sausage and soy (strange-sounding, I know, but good).

and the Boise with Berkshire bacon added (him):

Potato, Gruyère, caramelized onion, olive oil & rosemary

So, I guess that goes to show that I was wrong, another wood-fired pizza place wasn’t the worst thing after all. I’ve also heard the place is usually packed, so if you’re hungry you’d best get there early!

5557 Xerxes Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55410


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