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Adventures in Daddy Day Camp

Remember when I wrote about life not always being rainbows and unicorns? Well, early summer a little cloud drifted over our house again. This time, when my husband found out he’d be without a job starting this August (long story, but in the long-run, I believe a good thing). One silver-lining to this was the timing, as he decided to take the kids out of some of their summer camps to take advantage of this unexpected time at home. We jokingly called it “Daddy Day Camp”, because I’ll be darned if he wasn’t planning more activities and “field trips” than most moms do in the course of a whole summer – packed into TWO crazy weeks!

Since we had our first daughter eight years ago, I’ve worked a flexible schedule and taken some long leaves with the birth of our two girls. Meanwhile their dad worked the more traditional career path (along with the requisite long hours and business travel). Not because I was the mom, but because it made sense based on where we were in our careers. But, my husband relishes the time he does get with the girls and is probably better at “playing” with them than am I. He’s the one who wants to take the girls to Disney World repeatedly, loves to play board games, and can play hide-and-seek beyond the point of what I consider a reasonable amount of time. So you can only imagine what a treat it was for him to have two weeks running the show without buzz-kill mom (yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what they call me when I’m not around!) to spoil their fun.

The first thing they did was brainstorm a list of all the activities they wanted to do:

IMG_0432.JPG{An ambitious list. I’m pretty sure I know who came up with “clean house & rooms”!}

So while I was at work, I got texts with pictures like these:
IMG_0433.JPG{Decorating their made-from-scratch cupcakes!}

IMG_0443.JPG{Crazy swing at the Elm Creek Park Reserve}

Those two weeks were some of the most fun of the summer according to our girls. They loved playing games, riding bikes, and going fun places like bowling, Mall of America amusement park, and Grand Slam (awesome laser tag, apparently). But I think most of all, they loved just hanging out as a trio. The proof was in the pudding when on Day 3 of their break I came home to my beaming six-year-old who had penned a “tattoo” up her arm in large, scrawling letters, “I ❤ DAD”. Me too!


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