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We’ll Always Have Paris

Dear hubs and I just celebrated 11 years of marriage. This year it came and went without fanfare. Admittedly, we’re maybe not the most romantic couple — in fact, I think I almost forgot it one year! — but we do usually at least exchange cards and gifts and go out for dinner. If for no other reason than to acknowledge how lucky we are and that it is no small feat to stay together, in love, and even in “like” with each other. (If you haven’t been in a long relationship, that last bit probably won’t make sense to you. But trust me on this.)

IMG_0441.JPG{Just look at those crazy kids!}

But, this year we didn’t have a sitter (and we weren’t overly concerned since I was kind of considering our recent trip to Paris sans kiddos to be the true celebration of our anniversary) so we decided to spend our anniversary at the drive-in movie theater as a family. We drive past the Vali-Hi Drive-In on the way to my parents’ place and always talk about going, and they were finally showing a family-friendly show: Planes 2, so we made a night of it. We started with dinner at this little Neapolitan-style pizza place called Bricks, near my parents’ place in Hudson, Wisconsin. We LOVE this place, pizza to rival any of our favorite spots in Minneapolis, I actually like this pizza a tad more than Punch Pizza (but not more than Pizzeria Lola)… but, I digress.

After dinner we headed to the theater to wait for almost an hour before the movie started at dusk. The place was hoppin’!  Tons of families, and the scene was more like a huge tailgating event than a drive-in… Colemans, coolers, lawn chairs, the works. This whole subculture of the drive-ins of which we weren’t aware. We showed up with a few blankets and boxes of candy – not brats and beers – rookie mistake, apparently! After the kids’ movie ended, they fell asleep in their sleeping bags and we stayed to see the second show, Guardians of the Galaxy, which was great, though sadly, we didn’t see the end because we FELL ASLEEP. I know, pretty hot for an anniversary date, right? But it was very late by then, on a Friday night after a long week of work, we didn’t stand a chance.

IMG_3565.JPG{The scene at the Vali-Hi Drive-In, we lucked out because it rained & cooled things off, but stopped before our show}

While our family night out may not be a traditional way to celebrate 11-years of marriage, it was perfect. Trying something new and being together is what it’s all about. Can’t wait to see what year 12 brings; I know it will fly by as it always does when you’re having fun!

IMG_0440.JPG{And they lived happily ever after!}


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