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5 ways Disney Cruises are like college Spring Break

We’re just back from a week-long vacation in the Caribbean, it was our first Disney cruise… much-anticipated and, with the winter we’re having, much-needed! So we are sufficiently sunned and funned courtesy of The Mouse, and now I’m going through the pictures; reflecting on the time with our family playing at the beach, eating far too much, and entertaining ourselves with movies and Disney distractions of all sorts. It truly was an amazing, magical trip, done in a way that was uniquely Disney.

What surprised me about the trip? The brain addling dichotomy of relaxation and total over-stimulation. It made me think of spring break in college and how you’re relaxing on a beach, yet surrounded at all times by parties and craziness. Below are a few similarities I observed between the most family friendly, G-rated vacation of all time and spring break, the debaucherous college rite of passage. 

1) The masses of people – all in search of a good time south of the border. If it’s solitary peace you seek, best to avoid both types of vacations! Though the Disney Fantasy is a massive ship, and the crew are great at ensuring people aren’t help up in long lines or subjected to too many cattle calls, you can’t help but notice some of the other 3,700+ people.

2) DJ’s spinning and an overall elevated decibel level – Lending to the party atmosphere, there were often DJ’s and emcees getting the crowds pumped with dance pop and hip hop. Deck 11 and the D Lounge (the pool deck and Disney’s version of a night club) were the most likely places to find an all-ages dance party, but you could also find one in the ship atrium, on Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island in the Bahamas), and in the Oceaneer Club which hosted many kids under ages 3-12-years of age. For us the music was a plus, and it was hilarious to see the 10-and-under set boogie down with Mickey, et. al.

20140127-231413.jpg{Evie in action at the D Lounge with Daisy & Donald Duck}

3) White girls getting cornrows – yes, this is still a thing. Little girls were getting them on the ship and in port. Like buying a baja hoodie, it’s one of those things that seems like a good idea when you’re on vacation, but it’s really not. Ever.

4) Wristbands – the kids wear them for the Oceaneer Club and for the amazing “Aquaduck” water slide, but adults often do too for an excursion in port. That way if we’re not obvious enough, the locals will be able to quickly target the cruise ship tourists.

5) Plentiful beer & frozen drinks – you may be on a Disney cruise, but you’re also still in Mexico! So why not have some cerveza? And while island hopping, of course you’ll have a pina colada, daiquiri, or whatever else they’re blending up. After all, that’s why they have the Oceaneer Club, right? 😉

20140127-225539.jpg{Lauren manning the beer bucket on the beach in Cozumel}

So while we weren’t sure when we got home if we felt relaxed or exhausted (probably both!) it was an awesome vacation. The girls were over the moon pleased with everything, and we grown-ups really appreciated the top-notch service and thought put into making the trip so much fun for a wide-spectrum of ages. So this begs the question, as somewhat seasoned family travelers, was it truly the trip of a lifetime as we’d hoped, and would we do it again? Answers to these questions and others to follow…

20140127-225718.jpg{top: the massive Disney Fantasy ship; bottom left: Evie got in lots of sea shell hunting; bottom right: walking onto Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay in the Bahamas}


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