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Another year in the books…

Happy New Year friends and readers! No, I wasn’t buried under the piles of snow we’ve already received here in beautiful Minnesnowta, more like buried in the holiday hustle and bustle, and then in my lethargy from aforementioned bustling. 🙂  Usually I love Christmas and the entire season, but this year I just struggled to keep the energy level and enthusiasm up. No concrete reason, but what can I say, some years you just aren’t feeling it. Could be the cabin fever which had already set in due to ongoing sub-zero temp, hubs coming down with strep throat Christmas Eve Day, or the kids being off school for two straight weeks (a week too long in my book!). Is it wrong to say “at least it’s over”?  But before you put me in the Grinch column, it wasn’t as bad as all that, what I did enjoy was the reason to hang out with family and friends…

The holidays started for us in November because we were lucky enough to have my side of the family in town for Thanksgiving. This included my two brothers, in from LA (solo) and Alaska (accompanied by his lovely wife, my SIL), and my uncle and cousin from the UP Michigan.

20140102-222659.jpg{Fun times with family, then into Christmas prep with a homemade advent calendar}

We got into the Christmas spirit with a few holiday parties throughout December.

20140102-222711.jpg{top: cutest Santa collection at a friends’ party, bottom left & center: our house feeling festive, bottom right: most ginormous chandelier at a chichi party we attended}

And after much anticipation, this happened on Dec. 24 & 25…

20140102-222723.jpg{top left: Evie’s note to big sis “Stay up for Santa”, top right: sisters reading Christmas Eve tradition, bottom: the big reveal Christmas morning}

Grown-ups not to be left out, we had some goodies for ourselves on New Year’s Eve, a delectable but indulgent meal I cooked up.

20140102-222740.jpg{NYE done right: my champagne faves accompanying such indulgences as foie gras, lobster risotto, and chocolate mousse; a kiss from my cuties – all 3; while never leaving the comfort of my fuzzy slippers}

I hope you all had a fun holiday season and end to your year. I’m relieved to be back to our routines and excited for 2014 and all that it will hold. We’ve got some fun travel on the books, including a few escapes from this unholy winter, so stay tuned…


2 comments on “Another year in the books…

  1. Wendy
    January 4, 2014

    Love the overview on the holidays CC! And fabulous to see my Santa collection making the cut! xoxo Here’s to drinking more bubbly in 2014!

    • found not lost
      January 4, 2014

      Thanks for reading, Wendy! And yes, I loved your little Santa’s so had to include. 🙂 And for sure more cheers in 2014 – hopefully with you ladies to celebrate our Feb birthdays!

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