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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Turning 8-years-old? A piece of cake!

I’m not sure how it happened, but our oldest daughter, Lauren, is suddenly eight-years-old! It is true that the days sometimes pass slowly, but the years fly by.

20131201-213148.jpg{Lauren five years ago at Christmas, age three}

We are so lucky to be the parents of this sweet, caring, fun-loving kid. Each year she becomes more herself, and her dad and I stand in wonder at how quickly she is learning things, navigating school and friendships, basically…growing up.

But, if raising kids and watching them blossom is a joy, you know what isn’t a joy? Planning and executing their birthday parties! We may be blessed with two sweet daughters, but we are cursed in the sense that we had them in the cold months in Minnesota, meaning we can’t have a big party in the backyard or at the park. Instead, nearly every party has been at a location that wasn’t our house (if you think I’m letting 10 crazy kids run amok inside my house hopped up on sugary cake and frosting, you haven’t been reading my blog!) and has required weeks of planning and sometimes an embarrassing expense considering this is a kid party we’re talking about.

This year was different. I had the idea to host the party at Queen of Cakes, a local bakery that has made our kids’ birthday cakes the last several years. They started doing cake decorating classes and parties and it sounded perfect for our little baker.  The whole party was a huge success! The set up was very easy, all we had to do was book the date, let them know how many kids would come, and then order a pizza as the party was going to be over dinner time. The cost was very reasonable considering they included everything for the two-hour party, we had nine kids there, and each child got to take home their own 4″ cake that they decorated at the party.

20131118-224246.jpg{Lauren decorating, and the party-goers receiving a tutorial in icing}

Once at the bakery, Terri, the owner and baker at Queen of Cakes, ran things effortlessly. The room was set up with tables and cake decorating tools, and Terri took charge showing the kids techniques for piping their names onto their cakes. The kids stood completely rapt, watching and listening, eager to try their own hand at it. The kids spent about an hour decorating and were so proud of their creations!

As we sent the last guest off and packed up the donations we’d collected (Lauren chose to collect toys for Toys for Tots rather than receive presents) we were feeling pretty proud of our creation too.

20131118-225155.jpg{Our birthday girl’s masterpiece – adorned with her initials, hearts and flowers}


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