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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Give thanks today and every day

Happy Thanksgiving! After spending a fun day with our family and seeing everyone’s posts today on Facebook and Instagram sharing their gratitude lists, I wondered…could we all give thanks not just with a list on social media, but also share that thanks with our actions year-round?

Last week I shared some of the ways that our family likes to give thanks, but I’m always cooking up new ideas. The more we do, the better we feel, and the more we WANT to do. It’s a virtuous cycle! So get out your Thanksgiving list and compare notes, because for every person or thing you are grateful for, there are so many ways big and small that you can reflect that back into the world.

If you’re thankful for:

  1. Family and friends – volunteer at a nursing home or crisis nursery as a visitor to cheer others with companionship. Or simply remember to send an email to a friend or family member you rarely see to let them know you’re thinking of them.
  2. A roof over your head – volunteer for, or donate to, Habitat for Humanity to help a family build their home, or donate socks, toiletries, underwear and other essentials to a homeless shelter or transitional housing.
  3. A big Thanksgiving feast – serve at a food shelter or soup kitchen, or drop food items into a food shelf donation bin at your local grocery store. And of course, it’s easier than ever to help hunger relief through online donations like this:
  4. Your health – volunteer at a local hospital or Ronald McDonald house, donate to Make-A-Wish to help kids who are facing major health issues to bring smiles to their faces or to organizations like Children’s Cancer Research Fund that do life-saving work to help kids every day.
  5. America and our troops – find volunteer and donation opportunities through organizations like the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) to help the men and women who have served our country transition back to civilian life.
  6. Great schools – volunteer in your kids’ school to help organize, or simply bring in needed supplies (teachers are more than happy to let you know). Help out at a community school where they need tutors or mentors, or donate used books, educational toys, etc. to nursery or school in an under-served area.

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