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Disney magic on the high seas

As winter threatens its arrival here in the very northern state of Minnesota, its inhabitants make preparations. We have our furnaces and fireplaces inspected, we test start our snowblowers (or hire our snow removal company for the season), we make our kids try on last year’s snow pants and coats in case new ones are needed, etc. And, if we are very lucky, we get busy planning a warm-weather vacation to escape the five-months of winter.

This year we debated the merits of heading down to Walt Disney World, we’ve taken the kids twice and both times it was a huge hit. But, because we also go to Disneyland a lot (my in-laws live in a neighboring suburb), we thought we might wait – we still want the parks to be a special treat, not just something to be expected each year. Plus, while we love the Disney magic, a visit to the parks is definitely a more frenetic vacation than just lying on a beach somewhere. And I need to lie on a beach.

A couple of years ago our winter vacation was a Caribbean cruise, it was amazing!


Just the right mix of relaxing, gorgeous scenery, adventure, and convenience. So when we nixed Disney World, my first idea was to try a Disney cruise. We looked into it a year ago, but waited too long and missed out on the more “economical” staterooms. Though, let’s be honest, there’s no such thing as economical when you’re talking Disney cruise. They only have four ships and they’re always packed, so few true discounts exist. But, it seems like a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we had to try since we are huge Disney fans, and the girls seem the perfect age for it now.

The cruise we decided on is a week-long in the Eastern Caribbean, with ports in Mexico and the Bahamas, stops we haven’t made before and a new country for the girls! Even better, my sweet husband had the idea to invite my parents to join us so our kids get to have a vacation with grandma and grandpa – probably the part they’re most excited about, it’s so adorable. And now we have a tropical week to look forward to, which goes a long way toward staying sane in the long, dark winter.



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