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Curb appeal: Part 2

This is the second in what will have to be a series…the last will not be ready until spring 2014. Back in the summer, we had our house painted. It made a huge difference, especially covering the monochrome yellow brick, and getting those shutters nice and dark (they were already off on the pic below, but they were always black, just kind of faded).


Then, I decided to spruce up the front porch area, which had been sorely neglected in the midst of our interior projects. So, my girls and I took on a little DIY project to repaint an old bench (they love to help and paint).

It actually wasn’t that hard, we first washed and sanded the bench down. It’s a great old bench from the now-defunct Smith & Hawken, but the teak had weathered so much it was looking pretty sad. So after sanding we sealed with an oil-based primer, and because the temps were already dropping it took several days to dry and cure.


Once that was done we painted with a latex satin-finish in lustrous barn-red. The perfect accent for our now sage-gray and white house. Since the kids were helping and this was just for outside, I wasn’t too anal about getting the paint job perfect, but it still turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself (and I always do). 🙂

20131110-201924.jpg{scored the navy striped outdoor rug on flash sale site RueLaLa}

Then I added an outdoor rug to make it more welcoming, and all it needs now is a few pillows, the old garden stool I’ve been using in our basement, and new planters and it will be much more homey.

I’m also thinking about painting the concrete porch in the spring. Had never occurred to me before, but the concrete is so stained and uneven, so it might be nice to make it the color of the house instead. The only reason I’m hesitating is because the kids do love to draw with sidewalk chalk on the porch, and if we paint it then they will lose their nice big space.

Then, next month our replacement windows will be installed on the second story rooms, double-hung divided-light, instead of casement. And last, but not least, in the spring we will tackle the landscaping. Everything is dated and overgrown. Several trees are on their last legs. Our driveway has these awful railroad ties lining it that get so slippery when they’re wet. But, for now, it’s time to finish raking and put up some Christmas lights, and I’ll update you on my ambitious plans when the snow thaws – probably in May, ack!!


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