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Bon appétit!

Those who know my husband and I at all know that our travels are usually very food-centric… many times we plan itineraries, if not the entire destination, based on what and where we want to eat. I often turn to the Internet first for the scoop on latest restaurants, fool-proof recipes, and of course, reviews… so many reviews!  I’m not the only one. After my post earlier in the week about our vacation plans to Paris this spring, a few of my friends have emailed me some great links to resources regarding how to experience Paris through its food.

After poring over some of the blogs, reviews, and websites, I’m not sure I can even wait until spring… some of the food photography and descriptions have me drooling over my iPad!


{Macarons from famed patisserie Pierre Hermé, known for more exotic flavor pairings}

Thanks to our friend Wendy, who just returned from Paris with her husband, I have a great resource and list of some of their favorite things to see and do. She also shared her friend, Alecia Stevens’, blog talking about her amazing neighborhood food tour by Paris By Mouth (from the amazing food blog by the same name) . Apparently Alecia was turned onto this by her chef friend, and upon experiencing it herself is now paying forward by letting us know about this must-do. Ah, the Internet for good! The neighborhood, bakery, and cheese tours all sound outstanding. Fingers crossed we can secure tickets in advance and try one.

I also got a link forwarded from our friend, Ying, a fellow food-loving traveler, to David Lebovitz’s blog (a Chez Panisse alum). He gives a great rundown of Paris restaurants as an American chef who now lives in the city. Some commonalities between his list and those of other bloggers and friends: Verjus, Septime, and Telescope Cafe. Hope we can see our way into at least one of these for a stop.

And if you want to spy more beautiful street view photography from the blogosphere, check this one out:

I’ve bookmarked these to revisit often before our vacation. And thank you for your recommendations everyone, keep ’em coming, I’ve still got months to plan!


2 comments on “Bon appétit!

  1. Wendy
    November 1, 2013

    Can’t wait for you to take it all in CC!!

  2. found not lost
    November 6, 2013

    Thanks, Wendy!! And for the helpful links…so much to look forward to.

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