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I love Paris in the springtime


Or so the song goes. I actually wouldn’t know, never having been to “The City of Light” in the spring.  I did get to spend a few days in Paris many years ago, the August following my college graduation. Two girlfriends and I went backpacking in London, Amsterdam, and Paris, We stayed in hostels, ate delicious street food, and saw some of the main sights. I can barely recall most of it now, though I do remember the heat, the crowds, and the Louvre. I guess that’s why no one ever wrote a song about Paris in August!

For our ten-year wedding anniversary, which we celebrated last summer, I decided it was time to find out what the fuss is about and visit Paris with my dear hubs. We couldn’t swing it last spring because we had our family trip to Korea in June, so this spring we will leave our kiddos with their doting grandparents while we fly off to France.

With some careful planning, we’re booked for flights on Delta with minimal frequent flyer miles – we’ve been hoarding them for just such an occasion! The next task is to work on the hotel accommodations. We’re pretty practical about hotels since we know we won’t actually be there too much – we’ll be out exploring! It’s more about location than amenities. Depending on what’s available and rates, we may use Marriott or Hilton points to secure something. I’ve been researching on the Trip Advisor app — LOVE seeing real people’s reviews and tips. Anyone who’s been in the last few years I’d love to hear your suggestions!

20131027-222328.jpgWith the logistics almost complete, it will be fun to do the restaurant and shop research, and plan our itinerary (I hope Versailles will fit in, as I didn’t get to see it last time and would love to!). In the meantime, spring seems very far away…especially as the leaves are just falling here and we have a VERY long winter to survive first.

Whether you’ve dreamed of experiencing Paris or just dream of a return visit, The Paris Journal app shown below, is a great way to “see” the city from your sofa. I’ve been drinking in the stunning photography since I downloaded it!


And the video below featuring the opening scenes from Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris will put anyone in a Paris state of mind.


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