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Getting ready for Umami, remembering Travail

The chefs at local restaurant Travail Kitchen & Amusements have done it again. This time with their pop-up style dinners, hosted at friends of the restaurant’s spaces. While their Robbinsdale restaurant is under construction (as they reinvent their offering and expanded their domain into pizza with Pig Ate My Pizza and Umami) they have been treating diners to special ticketed multi-course dining events. We were lucky enough to score tickets in August to their Culinary World Tour hosted at the Kitchen in the Market at the Midtown Global Market, a fitting spot!

The ten-course meal was extravaganza of twists on world cuisines – and even more importantly, delicious! One of my favorites, surprisingly, was the American course – shrimp bisque. It was seasoned to perfection, creamy and smooth, with delicious bits of fried okra and halves of shrimp. Though the Italian risotto course also wowed us: it was the creamiest, perfectly al dente, and had a generous sprinkling of truffle shavings. I can smell it now…  And of course, we loved the Korean main course, Bulgogi style steak and kimchee – awesome. However, it was not as adventurous or surprising because there wasn’t much of a twist to it, and we’re so familiar with Korean BBQ.

20131023-001758.jpg{clockwise from upper left: Russia – caviar with creme fraiche, Italy – truffled risotto, France – pressed chicken, asparagus, Japan – sashimi}

20131023-001942.jpg{family style Korean bulgogi plans with pickled vegetables and sticky rice}

So impressed were we with this experience that I’ve been camped out on the Travail ticket site watching for other ventures. And after stalking, I lucked out and nabbed some for this week to Umami, their pop-up restaurant turned possibly more permanent.  There is the promise of dim sum and other delectable asian-inspired food. To learn more, read these posts on Minneapolis Eater, sums it up nicely:

I’ll be back with some pics and notes soon!


2 comments on “Getting ready for Umami, remembering Travail

  1. Wendy
    October 24, 2013

    Thanks for these details Carrie!! We tried to get in this Saturday night but booked up in minutes. How fabulous if they stayed permanently! xo w

  2. found not lost
    October 24, 2013

    Wendy – we had our dim sum dinner tonight. It was good, but if it’s any consolation, not great. The dinner last month was definitely better.

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