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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

New routines

This weekend was our first big drop in temperatures, and I actually saw a few brazen little flakes of snow on my windshield this morning. Yes, in October. We apparently live in Siberia. So, it dawns on me that the last time I wrote was the end of August! The transition from summer to fall was so glorious in September that my laptop was the furthest thing from my mind.

Ok, that is a lie. It was a beautiful September, but my absence is better explained by the fact it was a crazy busy work month, paired with a hectic home life getting our two girls started back to school. (Full disclosure, a recent addiction to that dang blasted game Candy Crush shares a little of the blame too). Anyway, the school start was only made more momentous by the fact that our five-year-old began full-day kindergarten. Where did the time go? Maybe that’s it, I was so in shock from my little baby going off to school that I hid under the covers, emerging only just now!


The girls weren’t the only ones adjusting to a new routine. With both kids now gone five full-days, I switched my part-time work schedule to six-hour days Monday through Thursday. I am now able to meet them every day off the school bus. The change has been amazing! Because, while the luxury of two full days off with my girls when they were young was also great, I did have that typical mom-rush from 5pm to 8pm where you’re just trying to do pick-up, make dinner, sometimes an activity, and then bath/bedtime routines. I think most moms would agree, working outside of the home or not, these are some of the most trying hours. At any rate, I’ve enjoyed coming home before the kids, getting changed out of my work clothes, and starting to think about dinner in peace. I’ve felt a little more organized and I think the shorter day without after school care suits them too.

This is what we do in the late afternoon now, instead of running around like chickens with our heads cut off:

20131020-212028.jpg{they got this idea about the “spa” from a Phineas & Ferb show – not me, I swear!}

So, now that we’ve all caught our collective breath and settled into a new routine, what better time to get back to writing again (and while I’m at it, refresh the blog, notice any differences?). I’ve had a backlog of stuff to share, so here it comes…


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