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Introducing our kids to the Boundary Waters

And possibly dear hubs… but that is still TBD. Let’s back this story up a few decades:

Growing up we went for several years to a family camp run through the YMCA here in Minnesota, called Camp du Nord. The name literally means “Camp of the North”, because darned if you aren’t about as north as you can get without crossing into Canada. Hence, the name, Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA), as it bridges the boundaries of the two countries, and is part of the Superior National Forest. The area is known for its canoeing, camping, and pristine forests and lakes. I remember swimming and standing waist-deep in the water, looking down and seeing through crystal clear water to my toes in the pebbled lake bottom.
Though we went for several years when I was in elementary school, I haven’t been back in at least 25 years. Camp Du Nord is very rustic.
{evidence here, Lunta Loft bedroom}

I remember well staying in Dane Lodge, our family of six and our friends who were a family of four. There was running water and a stove, but no indoor bathroom, we had to use an outhouse and wash up in a common washroom near the cabin. I also remember there was an awesome Finnish sauna on a cliff at the waters edge, and canoeing with a guide who helped us make camp and cook over a fire. I think my parents must’ve done the portaging!

Now, years later my mom had the idea to relive this memory with her grown kids and her little grand kids. Funny enough, neither my sister nor I married campers. So, I’m afraid I’ve gotten a little soft since my days in the wilderness. Dear husby has never camped, has little interest in the woods, and cannot stand bugs (especially mosquitos!). and even for me, “roughing it” isn’t what it used to be, if you’ll recall from our family vacation last summer to the Black Hills. But, there is something romantic about introducing my kids to this beautiful bit of nature alongside their cousins.


Next month we’ll be packing the car for the five-hour drive to Ely, Minnesota, where we will hopefully be greeted by the amazing fall colors as the leaves turn and not by the big-as-birds mosquitoes! By now, most cabins have been updated with indoor bathrooms to suit us city folk, and we’ll be in the Lunta Loft, all 10 of us with 1.5 baths! Well, possibly only nine, because hubs is on the fence. I told him participation is optional! No pressure from me, I totally get it. Besides, imagining him without Wifi, he might drive us all crazy! 😉 If he comes, it’ll only be because he doesn’t want to miss out on seeing the girls have fun. Either way, I’m sure there will be some interesting tales to tell.


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