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Celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss!

0670442-R1-E360_edited{the two of us walking out as newly minted husband and wife}

Yesterday we celebrated our ten-year wedding anniversary. As time goes on, it is getting harder to remember what I was feeling walking out of the church as a married woman. I do remember being pretty relieved the whole ordeal was over. I had a bad case of nerves just before walking down the aisle!

Maybe those nerves were for naught, since it turns out marrying my soul mate and best friend has served me well. If you’re married, you know there’s no such thing as “wedded bliss”…at least not 100% of the time. But, over the last decade dear husby and I have definitely managed to have a lot of fun, adventure, and happiness mixed in with some of the more routine and less enjoyable tasks of family life. The key? I think it’s focusing on the present and being very conscious of the memories we are making, for ourselves and for our kids.

Speaking of memories…yesterday hubs surprised me by recreating the spread from the day he proposed to me — updated with a few new goodies!

20130802-231748.jpgThe flower arrangement was even from Brown & Greene in Linden Hills, the florist that did our wedding arrangements all those years ago. Husby sent a few pictures from our wedding for inspiration. I still love hydrangea and orchids!

Placecard Table{our place card table arrangement at our wedding reception}

Table Flowers{and a small arrangement on the table for the cake}

And what did I do to surprise him? I made a movie that captured memories from our wedding day through today complete with a soundtrack – an easy DIY project now on any computer.  He loved it and we had fun sitting together watching how we have changed, and how our family has grown over the last ten years. Though we don’t know what the next ten will bring, it is sure to be an adventure and one we will take together!


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