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We’re ready for Houzz now!

Last year we completed a remodel of our house, but, it seems like ages ago now. I can hardly remember the house as it was when we first bought it, since we only lived in it one year before gutting most of the main floor.

We’re now working on a plan to redo two bathrooms – our powder room and the master bathroom. So, keep an eye out I’ll be sure to share some stories and pics once we get those projects kicked off.

Meanwhile, our architect came by last month with her professional photographer to shoot some pics for their portfolio and website. They did a great job with styling and shooting, the photos turned out really nice. Makes my house look like the kind you’d see on Houzz (love that site). Sadly, it almost never looks like this – you can only imagine with a busy family life how much clutter and mess is typically around!

Since the only other pics I had of our fully decorated space were from Christmas, with my poor quality camera and lighting, thought I’d share the real deal here:








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