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Seoul, Korea: a city in pictures

I’ve already shared a bit about our recent trip to Seoul, South Korea, but it’s actually hard to capture all that we did and saw. The city is massive, and it has so much that is modern that in some ways it felt very much like any large American city – New York, LA, Chicago. But, then there are ancient temples and palaces sitting right in the midst of those skyscrapers and four lane city boulevards. So, the best way to give you a sense of the city itself might be through pictures more than words.

{best bulgogi and cold noodles ever, scallions and mushrooms were the secret!}

{colorful entrance to the Bongeunsa Buddhist temple}

{N Seoul Tower, on Namsan hill, we rode to the top for a view of the vast city}

{we saw the reenactment of the changing of the guard at Gyeongbukgong Palace}

{view of city hall and the busy boulevard in front of it}

{Korean naval war hero Yi Sun-Sin, famed for victories against the Japanese in the 16th century}

{the eating continued with a traditional-style Korean lunch}

{walking down a dirt road inside Namsangol Traditional Korean Folk Village}

{soaked our feet in the Cheonggyecheon Stream after sightseeing in the heat}


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