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Our trip to Korea: more than just a bad case of jet-lag!

When I last wrote, it was about our plans for a family trip with my mother-in-law to Seoul, South Korea, and now just a few weeks later, we’re back! We left Minneapolis very early on June 7 and arrived in Seoul the afternoon of June 8, then returned home the night of June 17. Entirely too short a visit considering we had to cross 10 time zones!

The vacation was great, we explored the city of Seoul, both the modern and historic aspects.

20130617-191701.jpg{View of the city from within the Buddhist Bongeunsa Temple in Seoul}

We also had some nice, quiet family time – the kids always like being with their grandma and splashing around in a hotel pool. That said, the first few days were tough…the jet-lag had most of the family, yours truly excluded, upside down the first three days. The important difference for me was that first night: I slept 8pm-4am, whereas our youngest woke everyone else up around 1am (they slept lots on the 19 hour plane ride, and weren’t able to fall back asleep, whereas I just rolled over and went back to dreamland).

It worked out alright, while they rested I explored our hotel complex, the Lotte. Attached was the Lotte department store, a towering complex with a dizzying amount of high-end boutiques and more mainstream Korean designer wear. But, the most interesting thing about the department store complexes in Korea is the huge food market in the lower level. It’s a foodie haven, a remarkable experience of the senses, the sights, sounds, and smells hit you as soon we you walk in, so this doesn’t even do it justice:


After an early morning, we got together with my mother-in-law for breakfast at a nice restaurant, La Seine, in our hotel complex. It was a fancy buffet with everything from dim sum to noodles and omelets to smoked salmon and pastries. We were in heaven, especially the girls who loved going from station to station choosing different dishes.

20130617-211117.jpg{Part of the amazing spread at our breakfast buffet}

20130617-211156.jpg{The made-to-order noodle bar, our youngest loved the udon}

There was more to the trip than food and jet-lag (though let’s be honest, there was A LOT of food!), but we’ll save that for tomorrow. After all, our oldest was up at 4a.m. today, so I’d better get my sleep while I can.


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