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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Mother’s Day Memories

I was looking back at my post from Mother’s Day last year, boy, do things change. That weekend it was in the 70’s and gorgeous, so we went out on the boat. This year, we only recently saw the end of the snow. That’s right, snow in to May! We Minnesotans must be crazy to stay.

The weather’s not the only thing changing. Thinking about my girls a lot today…man! Have they changed over the years, and it seems this school year flew by even faster than the last. Sometimes it feels like only months, not years, since they looked like this:
20130512-014810.jpgTop: Evie had just turned one & Lauren was about three-and-a-half years old, bottom left is Evie’s newborn pic & bottom right is Lauren’s

And now just look at them, such big kids, but still very close sisters:
20130512-165259.jpg{Lauren reading to Evie’s pre-K class}

The girls always make me the nicest Mother’s Day cards and gifts, this year was no exception. I was showered with sweet notes, crafts, pictures, and plants.

20130512-165632.jpg{Lauren’s gifts, she worked so hard on the God’s eyes}

20130512-165729.jpg{Evie’s gifts, I love that photo bookmark!}

And they wanted their dad to take them to Target on a secret mission to buy me something. So…dear husby said they were dead set on jewelry, there was no talking them out of it. And gummy fish! Hilarious. Even if the jewelry is maybe not my taste, the fact they each chose it meant so much, I wore it all day – and they were so pleased with themselves. And I’m pretty pleased with myself, because the kids are turning out alright, we haven’t completely screwed up (yet!). Of course, I was taught by the best, my mom, who we were lucky enough to celebrate with over dinner today. It was only after having my girls that I could even begin to fathom everything she sacrificed, powered-through, and planned for in order to raise us well. And she did it all with grace and a lot less yelling than what I’m managing so far… thank goodness she’s nearby to help coach me through it all! 🙂

On that note, happy mother’s day to all you mom-types out there! Whether you’ve already sent your babies out of the nest, or you’re still in the thick of things like we are, I hope you paused today to feel a little pleased about the hard, but good and important work, you do every day.


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