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Finally made it to World Street Kitchen

The food truck phenomenon made its way to the Twin Cities several years ago, and one of the first to charge forward to feed the hungry masses was Chef Sameh Wadi of Saffron Restaurant and Lounge, with his food truck World Street Kitchen.

Working out in the ‘burbs, I’d only ever eaten at the WSK truck once. To be honest, I wasn’t in love with the dish I tried – the Korean “BBQ” Beef Short Ribs Yum Yum Rice Bowl. Too similar for my tastes to a traditional Korean Bi Bim Bap without delivering on the awesome load of veggies and Korean spicy gochujang sauce. Instead, the rice bowl was doused in the WSK “secret sauce”, for which I didn’t care much.  Maybe this is why I hadn’t rushed out to the WSK restaurant that opened in Uptown last fall. But, hearing so many good things about the place, curiosity got the better of me. Besides, there are so many other dishes to try!

20130427-235021.jpg{the Korean Yum Yum Rice bowl, left me cold, but hubs loved it!}

The restaurant has a great vibe: casual, fresh, and vibrant. We got there early, just around 6pm, to eat before going to a movie. Lucky we did, because we walked right up to the counter to order and beat the long line that formed just after.

This time around I ordered the Red Curry Chicken Bangkok Burrito. It’s a tortilla filled with fried rice, chicken curry, basil and cilantro. It was awesome, and huge! The seasoning was just right, the rice had a subtle sweetness to it balanced by the fresh herbs. The side pickle plate we ordered was perfect with it, and it left me wishing they made jars to take home. Dear husby ordered the Korean Yum Yum bowl despite my opinions, because he doesn’t like Bi Bim Bap as much as me, and was curious about their sauce (he loves to “drown his food”). Well, it just goes to show, to each his own, because he loved it!

Sadly, I left no room for dessert. WSK is known to have some amazing soft serve ice cream and a chocolate chip marshmallow sea salt cookie to rival all other cookies. Since we all know I have a huge sweet tooth, I’d best head back soon and save room…I’ll be bringing the kiddos next time, I know they’d love it!


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