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The art of giving the perfect gift

It’s an art I haven’t mastered. I have written before about my inability to gift well, I tend to give people things that I would like, not things specific and personal to the recipient’s life, preferences, etc.

I’m lucky enough to know several people who are actually awesome at gift giving though… dear husby for one. He always seems to know just what I would love that I didn’t even think to ask for, a true talent. Also, my sister has a knack for knowing what people are into and translating it into a well-suited, stylish, and surprising gift. Most of my friends and I gave up on exchanging gifts long ago (too much trouble, expense, and frivolity was the general consensus I suppose), but, I am part of one foursome that still indulges each other with small gifts for Christmas and birthdays.

So, for my birthday this year, two of those friends paired up and got me what I thought was a stroke of genius! A gift of my own choosing from a smartly curated list of treasures and treats from the site Wantful.  If you haven’t been to the site yet, check it out — it’s a great aid for those of us who are not as skilled at gifting. You simply answer a brief sequence of questions about your gift recipient and receive a gallery of options that might fit the bill. You can then either choose something and send it on, or you can do what my friends did — leave the final shopping to me. They know me so well, the only thing more fun than getting a great gift is getting to do a little online shopping to get it!

{Jené DeSpain Curb Chain & Ribbon bracelet – I got the navy blue one}

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