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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Happy Easter!

I’m just taking a break from cleaning up after our Easter festivities. For those of you who celebrate it, I hope you enjoyed your Easter! Ours started much earlier than we’d have liked… at 5a.m.! Our youngest, Evie, burst into our room begging to go find her basket (we have a tradition that my mom started when we were kids, there are clues and a few small gifts leading to the basket). We tried to shoo her out, but I realized it’d be easier to let her find the thing and then go back to bed, than fight her on it. I swear she was more excited for The Bunny than for Santa himself – probably owing to the fact she actually likes candy more than presents.

Both girls were so excited for The Bunny’s arrival that they wrote notes and left them with their baskets outside their bedroom doors last night. Our seven-year old is getting skeptical though. She asked, “do you think the Easter bunny is real?”
Before I could answer, her dad jumped in, “yes, I do, what do you think?”
To which she replied, “yes, he must be, otherwise who brings all that candy? Ben [a school friend] told me his mom and dad do it, but I don’t think they could.”
Thinking fast, my husband said, “yeah, how would they get into all of our houses?” HA!
It’s a testament to how stingy I am with candy for the kids, that they’d sooner believe in some giant magical bunny than that I’d EVER let them get that much candy at once.

Anyway, despite being up at the crack of dawn, we still managed to be late to church. Luckily, our church plans for a crowd, the Bunny’s not the only attraction on this holy day, so we found a seat in the annex to the annex! Yes, basically watching the service on a TV with several other stragglers. Still counts! 😉

But too-early mornings, rushed church-going, and dyed fingernails (see below) aside, it is true that we Christians should feel a bit lighter, more joyous, and more grateful on Easter Sunday. ‘Cause if you believe Jesus is risen today, then that story has gotta’ beat the tale of some candy-pushing rodent any day of the week, and twice on Sundays.

{our girls’ masterpieces}


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