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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Frequent flyer

Many moons ago I traveled all the time for work. I was a consultant and away from my home in Chicago Monday through Thursday most weeks. It was fun at first, but definitely got tiring and a little less glamorous as time wore on.

More than 10 years later, I’m grateful that my current job rarely takes me away from the office, let alone Minneapolis. This is key to keeping all the proverbial balls in the air with our family. My work is busy enough as it is, my husband travels weekly and we’re juggling two kids’ busy schedules plus our own. BUT…sometimes wanderlust sets in. So I planned a fun girls weekend with my mom and sister in April, just a quick jaunt to Chicago to hang out together.

No sooner had I booked our tickets than I had not one, but TWO business trips pop up on my calendar between then and the Chicago trip. Really? What are the odds? Well, fortunately, thanks to some help from my mom (who lives in town) and hubs (who switched around his travel) I was able to swing it.

Just returned today from a two-day trip to Seattle. So beautiful, especially for someone coming from a still-snow-covered Minnesota, to see the green, smell the ocean, and take in the mountain views, ahhh.

20130328-223237.jpg{just look at the blooms at the stalls in Pike Place!}

I hadn’t been to Seattle in over seven years, so took advantage of the few hours of downtime to run around and explore. Here’s a few notes on what I found (mostly food!):

20130328-072850.jpgFirst stop was Cupcake Royale, a cuter than a button shop downtown on Pine, near Pike Place Market. The toasted coconut lime was awesome – delightfully citrusy and rich with coconut.  Only wish it hadn’t been chilly and rainy because the ice cream selection looked ahhh-some – flavors like Whiskey Maple Bacon Crack (bacon brittle!), Blueberry Lavender, and Red Velvet (cream cheese, buttermilk ice cream).

Then, wandered next door to the Chocolate Box, where I selected from a well-edited assortment of truffles and chocolates from local chocolatiers.


I’m a sucker for salted caramels, and really liked the ones from Theo. And the honeycomb exotic chocolate bar from Chuao, a California company, is possibly my new favorite luxury chocolate bar. The crunchy bits of caramelized honey floating in the dark chocolate was perfection!


I did actually eat meals too, not just treats. We had two fun team dinners – I’m lucky I work with such good eggs, one of whom is a fellow foodie and found two great spots: The Steelhead Diner and Purple Cafe & Wine Bar.  I was in luck, because halibut season had just started in the pac northwest and was a daily special at both spots. Loved the fresh fish and poutine at Steelhead, and the honey-glazed Brussels sprouts and cardamom-chevre ice cream with strawberry compote at Purple. Seattle, you don’t disappoint.

Now to recover, because in about a week it’s off to New York, Chicago, and later, drum roll please… Korea summer of 2013!  But that story’s for another day.

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