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Clean living in the frozen tundra

If you hadn’t heard, it’s cold. If you don’t live here, maybe you don’t realize that in Minnesota cold means -9℉ that feels like -29℉ due to the wicked windchill blowing across the our suburban plains.

Last weekend the temps actually popped up above the teens so we took the kids out for a walk on the river at my parents’ place.

wpid-IMG_20130129_135318.jpg{the girls couldn’t believe the entire river had frozen straight across}

wpid-IMG_20130129_135356.jpg{bubbles that froze solid under the icy surface, the kids loved hunting for them!}

To warm up, I always enjoy baking, and especially thought it would be nice to send the girls off to school with a nice warm breakfast last week. But, as you may recall, I just finished a juice cleanse and am trying to adopt more healthful eating habits as a result. So, that meant the monkey bread and scones recipes were out (at least for now!)

They love oatmeal, so decided to try the quinoa oatmeal crisp recipe from the Sensitive Pantry, a blog with many vegan, gluten-free recipes. This one looked good because it’s like a fruit crisp for breakfast… filled with hearty goodness like quinoa (of course), almond flour, coconut, and applesauce. The recipe called for blueberries, a pear, and a peach. But, I didn’t want anything doing with a peach or pear this time of year, so I went with cherries (frozen) and blueberries.  Turned out divine:

image{lovely crisp brown topping, though next time I’ll add more almond milk}

image{the girls gobbled this up, so tasty warm!}

When we ate it fresh from the oven it was amazing. Subsequent slices were served reheated (I don’t recommend room temp, definitely loses a lot of its appeal as the topping can be dry}. On that note, before reheating I scooped a tablespoon or so of almond milk over the topping so when I microwaved it became soft and tender again. Who would’ve thought something so nutritious (not a drop of butter, or dairy for that matter, in the thing!) could taste so good? I hope you’ll try it and let me know if you agree!


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