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Feeling good – Day 1 on my juice cleanse

I’m nearing the end of Day 1 of my 3-day juice cleanse. The 18 bottles of juices arrived this morning, delivered to my doorstep at 9 a.m. by The Juice Works as previously arranged when I ordered.  There were three types of juice bottles:

Green – kale, romaine, spinach, celery, ginger, and lemon juice

Carrot – carrots & romaine

Beet – Beets, carrots, romaine, spinach, ginger, and lemon juice

Good thing I cleared room in the fridge!

image{my “meals” for the next few days}

My first juice of the day was the green one, per their instructions, and I didn’t even need it ’til after 11 a.m.  I am not that used to eating breakfast normally, and I realized I wasn’t hungry (I was probably still full from dinner and snacks last night!)

But, things got tricky when we went to the Original Pancake House. Why, on God’s earth, would a person on a juice cleanse go to the Original Pancake House, home of the DUTCH BABY, most heavenly baked pancake ever??

Well, because my friend and I had planned a playdate for our 1st grade girls who were off school today, and then out for lunch.  I didn’t want to spoil the fun so I just brought my green juice. It was not a pancake. It was not bacon. And it was VERY strong and a little bitter, I wasn’t fully prepared for that (though maybe I should have been).  So, I sipped on my grassy-tasting drink while sitting across from this:

image{my daughter’s chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream on top *sigh*}

Luckily, it got easier after that, because funny enough, I STILL wasn’t really hungry. Not in the true sense of stomach growling, light-headed, really need to eat. I just had an enormous craving for the taste of my favorite foods, which is totally different. And, when forced to wait it out, it did pass, which definitely felt like an accomplishment.

It also helped that I liked the other two juices much more, the carrot one and the beet. But, you must have 3 of the green’s a day, so I alternated the green in between.  I think if I lived alone doing this would be no big deal. What makes it hard for me is how desperately I wanted to take a nibble of the dinner I made for the kids, or the yogurt they had at snack, or even a bite of string cheese! Oh, and P.S., stay off Facebook and Pinterest when cleansing, all you see is a stream of tasty looking food pics (or maybe that’s just in my feeds).

But, along with my juices, throughout the day I had a few raw almonds, an avocado, and lots of water, plus a mug of green tea (permitted to aid in weaning from caffeine). I think this definitely helped, if not physically, then at least psychologically so I didn’t feel deprived and got to chew something. 😉

The good news, I already feel less bloated and my energy level stayed pretty steady during the day, (though it was hard to wake up this morning without any coffee).  But, what I liked was not having the usual afternoon crash, from a latte or big starchy lunch. I know tomorrow could be more challenging, but I’m encouraged by my body’s initial response and determined to stick with it.

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