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Just out of the box…

Long after the steady stream of Christmas packages dried up, along comes a box carrying just the thing to brighten up a case of the Januaries:

{Darissa sequin blazer from Calypso St. Barth}

You might think it over-the-top, and no doubt, it is!  But, I envision wearing it tons. Thrown over a tee and blue skinnies with a pair of black platform booties, draped over a casual striped dress, or topping a simple cream sheath dress — over cashmere would be dreamy…

This latest acquisition has a history, its arrival was months in the making! I first saw this jacket at the Calypso store in Chicago on Oak Street while visiting in October.  A very blond, older woman with a rock ‘n roll look was trying this on over a black tank and skinnies. IMHO it didn’t really work with the blond hair (sometimes dark hair permits you leeway making something that’s a little “out there” more grounded than if a super-blond wears it) but it had such a cool, glam vibe that I knew I had to check it out. I loved that it was graphite, not a true “silver” or black. But, I’d already overindulged that weekend and couldn’t justify buying it at full price (it was quite expensive).

So, I did what I often do: I kept an eye out online for any markdowns. I just hoped that when the time came the price (and size) would be right (and that I’d have rebuilt my war chest somewhat from the holiday depletion!)  And what luck, when I checked back recently Calpyso had their post-holiday sale (still on here) with an extra 50% off already marked down prices.

When I modeled the new jacket my girls were so excited, they love glitter, sequins, and disco balls (all of which my jacket resemble).  But husby laughed and said, “that is very flashy – you aren’t wearing it to work are you?”  Probably not, even for me it’s a little much. But I can’t make any promises, because who wants to contain all of this fun?


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