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iPad cases as fashion statements

I avoided succumbing to the siren song of the iPad for years. The main reason, beyond that it is so expensive, was that I was afraid if I got one I would be spending even more time staring at a screen — between my laptop and phone I already feared that I was looking up at actual humans less and less frequently!

Well, then my husband went and got me one for Christmas this year. The reasoning was because he had one and was tired of the kids and me swiping it all the time when we wanted to play games or shop online, respectively.  So, that brought me to an important decision…what case to choose?

Before we get to my decision, thought I’d share other iPad cases I liked from my somewhat extensive search:

{Graphic Image in Italian neon – so bright and cheery}

iPad 2 Case{Smythson of Bond Street – after all, emerald is the Pantone color of the year!}

Weston {Weston Agate printed magnetic cover – mesmerizing, don’t you think?}

Marc Jacobs  front{Marc Jacobs bronze quilted leather iPad case, not as practical, but so pretty!}

But, the one I ultimately chose was this lovely from Tory Burch, the Robinson case in plum leather.  What I liked about it was the top handle for carrying, the unique jewel tone color, the folding easel stand, and the discreet gold-tone logo is just the right touch. And, it was on sale at Nordstrom for a decent price, so that sealed the deal.

And in case you wondered, I am finding the iPad very useful, both at work and at home…how do you think I wrote this post?




2 comments on “iPad cases as fashion statements

  1. Amy
    January 11, 2013


  2. found not lost
    January 12, 2013

    Thanks, Amy! It has been fun learning how to use my new toy.

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