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Falling of the wagon (or jumping)

I must sheepishly admit that it was a pretty indulgent weekend trip to Chicago, and despite my claims that there would be little shopping, there was lots of it! This is mainly because a few of my friends I met up with also like to shop so we walked, talked, and browsed. Shopping is for me like drugs for an addict…easier to avoid if you aren’t hanging with people still doing it.  It didn’t help that my friend had put us up at the new Waldorf Astoria on Walton, just steps from Barneys, Bloomingdales, and the amazing boutiques on Oak Street. So, here’s my confession:

First, I snapped up two casual sweaters from Scoop NYC during their sweater sale.

{Long necklace from Fallon, had my eye on it online, so it was nice to try it on}

{found these special scents from Clive Christian after much deliberation}

Maybe it was hard to be in austerity mode while surrounded by this:

image{Our fabulous bathroom, spacious and elegant}

The hotel was beautiful, and the bed, pillows, linens and robes were actually the kind I’d want at home. The spa was equally gracious, I went down in the morning for the steam room and sauna, trying to purge the toxins from dinner and drinks the night before!

The first night, before dinner we had drinks at Bernard’s, the cozy velvet and leather ensconced bar on the 2nd floor of the Waldorf.  Delicious Tuxedo #2 cocktail: gin, vermouth, absinthe, and bitters; and then off to Tavernita for dinner…

imagewe enjoyed oysters, foie gras, serrano toasts, porkbelly, and prawn corn pudding.  So rich but so delectable. Hence, why I needed the steam room to released all that animal fat, salt, and booze from my pores!

The next morning we slept in and post spa we went down to Balsan, the hotel restaurant as we heard they had a nice two-course brunch.  After scones, madeleines, meat and cheese accompanied by spicy bloody marys, I had the prawns and polenta, their upscale twist on shrimp and grits. There was kale, shishito peppers, and a lovely briny broth surrounding…

image{ the polenta was probably 50/50 cornmeal and butter! those are beer chasers for the bloody marys if you wondered}

image{the Balsan bar was a beautiful sight, a little bit in the vein of Bouchon}

image{Just as gorgeous, the Pump Room with its glowing spheres and elegant room}

image{lobster ravioli in house made pasta so delicate it reminded me of a dumpling — easily the best dish we had all weekend}

And more lobster…
image{lobster Benedict at Deleece, a favorite brunch spot on Southport}

So now I should pick myself up from under the wagon wheel and try to get back on and straighten out, right?  I hope it works because, apparently, old habits die hard.

3 comments on “Falling of the wagon (or jumping)

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  2. Modmissy
    November 1, 2012

    Sounds like a fabulously indulgent weekend. Just what everyone needs some time. I must get back soon to Chicago and try the restaurants you suggested. TY

  3. found not lost
    November 1, 2012

    Thanks, Missy! I did have a great time and yes, for sure try the restaurants, esp Pump Room, heavenly. The mushroom flatbread was also great there 🙂

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