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So…we’re not dieting

Not that you thought we were.  But as we do every fall, as the temps drop outside, they warm up inside as I crank up the oven!  So last week we made the foccacia and breakfast bites, and this week we made caramel rolls and chocolate shortbread cookies.  I’d never made caramel rolls from scratch and they’re actually pretty easy — you just have to be willing to be patient to let the dough rise, which is usually the biggest challenge.  I found a simple recipe on Tablespoon, an awesome food site from my work.  Pretty much just mixed in flour, sugar, yeast, milk, butter and egg to make the dough and let it rise. Then it went something  like this:

{rolled out the dough, it was very elastic and stretchy}

{spread butter liberally, sprinkled cinnamon sugar}

{mmm.. my girls had their noses pressed to the glass waiting}

{ta-dah! Caramel-y, gooey rolls, as promised}

We gobbled up half the pan fresh out of the oven, because seriously, how could you not? They are best fresh, and they were so tender and fluffy!  The only small tweak I’d make, based on personally taste, is that the caramel sauce you mix and put in the bottom of the pan was not my favorite. I think I’d take the time to make more of a “real” caramel sauce rather than just caramelizing the butter and brown sugar in the bottom of the pan underneath the rolls.

So since we hadn’t had our fill of sugar and butter, the next day we tackled the cookies. I’d made this recipe before from Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook, wish I could link to it for you, but sadly, her lame website doesn’t have the recipe up.  But, here’s how this went:

{my kids love to measure the dry ingredients together}

{my oldest pricking the dough before we pop it in the oven}

{finished cookies, I think my pan was too small, they came out so thick!}

Well, good news was, even though they were a little thicker than they were last time I made them, they were still t-a-s-t-y. I think the kids liked them even more because it was almost like a hybrid shortbread/brownie thing going on. Very rich cocoa flavor, tender, crumbly, but moister than the usual shortbread due to me not spreading the dough thin enough.

The problem with me and baking is, once I start I can’t stop!  But, we’re officially on our last stick of butter in the fridge since I went through 4+ sticks this week. Maybe I need to avoid buying more just to keep this thing in control… otherwise my future posts will be about dieting. And life is WAY too short to diet. Or to stop baking.  So what’s a girl to do?


2 comments on “So…we’re not dieting

  1. Danny
    October 20, 2012

    The caramel rolls look so gooey and sticky. Looks like you had a great time making both wonderful desserts — good thing you ran out of butter 🙂

  2. found not lost
    October 20, 2012

    Thanks for visiting, Danny. You’re right, we DID have a great time, I’m afraid I’m instilling my love of baked goods in my daughters. Unlike you, I apparently don’t know better to stay away from the sweet stuff!

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