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Full bellies, warm hearts

After the most heavenly summer (started early and ended late), fall has arrived in Minnesota.  Because of the beautiful summer-like weather and the busyness of the back-to-school season, I feel like I blinked and missed September!

So, with the chilly autumn air settling in I got the idea Friday for some fun food for the kids.  First, Evie, our four-year-old, and I tried our hand at focaccia-making.  My parents just returned from a trip to Italy and brought Evie a coloring book Cicciobello al Mare, the story of an Italian baby doll at the seaside, so she’s been running around talking about Cicciobello and Italy.  Hence, the focaccia from Cicciobello’s homeland.

We used a simple recipe from epicurious, minus the rosemary because my kids don’t care for the piney flavor, but used instead a blend of olive and truffle oil + sea salt (right, no rosemary, but yes to smelly fungi, that’s my girls!)

{Evie trying her hand at patting out the focaccia dough}

{Turned out golden brown, fluffy and tender inside, perfetto!}

And that evening, after dinner, we toasted a few marshmallows in our fireplace and made our first hot cocoa of the season. This was quite the event since last winter we were in the middle of a messy remodel and the entire main floor was pretty much out of commission, fireplace included.

{Ahh, this is the life, sugar loading while warming yourself near the fire}

And the last thing came up randomly from a conversation with my friend Jane. We were talking about what a struggle it can be to find good weekday breakfast ideas, especially when sending the kiddos out into the cold. She shared this recipe for “breakfast casserole bites”.  They’re individual-sized, portable, and can be made ahead to freeze for microwaving on those hectic mornings. I actually did not follow this recipe aside from the eggs, cheese, and cooking temp and time!  Instead, I used a browned ground beef/pork mixture sautéed with green onions, garlic, sesame oil, soy sauce, mirin, and salt and pepper (Asian flavors because it was extra from Korean mandoo I made the night before – recipe here). Diced ham, ground turkey, and yes, bacon, would also all be good mix-ins.

{the batter baking in the muffin tins}

Turned out great!  The girls gobbled a few and I froze a few for Monday morning.  Always such a little joy to find new meal ideas, especially one as easy and practical as this one.  Now I’d better get out of the kitchen and into the stores to find my kids some new snow pants… I know it won’t be long.


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