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Dining as entertainment at moto restaurant

If you can believe it, we still had room for one last big meala 13 course chef’s tasting menu at the acclaimed, Michelin-starred fine dining establishment, moto. I am tired, probably coming down with some sort of debilitating disease related to my overeating and too much drinking last weekend, so I’ll keep this one short and let the pictures do most of the talking.

image{First course “Tasting Menu”, literally. Each course represented with bite-size flavor preview, gorgeous and clever concept}

image{The edible menu, printed on a cracker, cool!}

image{Ocean View – awesome combo with salmon, tuna, ono, oyster, and yes, topped with caviar}

image{The Zen Garden, not one of my favorites, the “sand” was apple puree and freeze-dried apples, along with a very odd-textured powdered Camembert cheese and “pebbles” of cocoa}

image{Lobster cone, delicious lobster mousse in the sweet/savory cone. This one nailed the texture, flavors, and concept. Yum.}

image{Forest Foraging, succulent venison, tender morel and the right amount of greens dusted with a spring pea powder that actually tasted amazing!}

image{Beef tostada – this “avocado” was made with avocado, but the center “pit” is actually made of tostada and bitter chocolate, great presentation and taste}

image{Bourbon bites, the second of three dessert courses. This was my favorite. The little gelees were like a fancy version of jello shots, the old fashioned and the mint julep were very nice}

image{Smell the glove – a reference to the Spinal Tap song, which I totally missed as I have not seen the movie! I know, I’m the only one in America apparently… at any rate, the dessert itself was nothing to write home about}

Overall, the meal was delicious and very entertaining, a few courses were totally worth it, stand out — the crudites, forest foraging, lobster cone, red wine salad, and bourbon bites were my most memorable. That said, I will admit that after eating at Alinea a few years ago, the only Michelin 3-star restaurant in Chicago, it is tough to compete with that experience. So, for the steep price tag of the meal, I think I’d stick with the tried true next time.


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