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(Purple) Piggies

We’re wrappping up a weekend trip to Chicago, celebrating our nine year anniversary. A very quick Friday-Sunday getaway, mainly filled with opportunities to “pig out” at some of the best venues the town has to offer!

My post is aptly named for the first place we headed after getting in on Friday: The Purple Pig, their slogan is “cheese, swine and wine”. We got there right as they opened at 11:30am for an early lunch. A good thing too because a line of people eager to get in had already formed!

Everything is smallish plates, meant to share, and has a mediterranean influence, so that some of the plates even have a tapas type feel. We started with the foie gras and membrillo, served with just-right warm buttered toast.


The foie was a heavenly, light-as-air, whipped spread. I honestly barely touched the quince paste since it almost seemed a shame to let anything ruin the unadulterated fatty spread. Up next was a fresh roasted corn, with rosemary, walnuts, and crimini mushrooms. A very tasty combo, and one I’ll definitely attempt to recreate at home.


We also had a fried deviled egg, novel and surprisingly delicious. The crust was light and crisp around the hardboiled egg that, unlike classic deviled eggs, was hot from the fryer and the inside was creamy and rich. Had to get test the “swine” with the JLT – their take on a BLT but with the jowl of the pig…basically like a super thick, super fatty and flavorful cut of bacon! The fried egg on top made it all the better, though I might need bypass surgery given my insanely clogged arteries after this weekend.

We finished off with the roasted beets with whipped goat cheese and pistachios, another winning combo. We left feeling very full and happy.  Loved this place and will definitely return. Would be great with a group and for lunch, happy hour, or dinner. Speaking of dinner…more coming on that… Oink! Oink!

2 comments on “(Purple) Piggies

  1. janereichert
    August 5, 2012

    I love this place too. Loved their crispy pig ears!! Can’t wait to hear about your other dining adventures 🙂 Welcome home!

    • found not lost
      August 5, 2012

      Thanks, Jane! And yes, because of you and Alison I knew we had to try this, and it was so worth it. I actually wish we’d have gone there again today before leaving. Yum… Well, maybe I’ll hit it again in Oct when I’m back. 🙂

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