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Strawberry fields forever

If you haven’t noticed, it appears I’ve been struck with the desire to title my posts lately with song titles or lyrics. Not sure where that random urge came from, but I can’t seem to stop. They keep floating into my mind like little word bubbles in a cartoon!   Anyyywhoo…

It is indeed strawberry season here in the north, so my kiddos and I, along with my mom, sister, and her two little ones headed to the Pine Tree Apple Orchards in White Bear Lake, near where I grew up. Hard to believe it was almost thirty years ago that my mom took my sister, my two brothers, and me there to pick berries at this very same place!  The orchards are still a family operation, and their pick-your-own strawberry experience is truly unique. You pick the berries  straight from their fields, and as they are not sprayed with harmful chemicals you are welcome, even encouraged, to enjoy some of the fresh berries right off the plants. I think the kids love this part best of all, their little mouths and chins are always stained red as we leave the field on the wagon ride back to the parking lot.


{my little one, red-lipped, filling her basket with the super-ripe berries}

An hour and over 10 pounds of strawberries later, I was considering what to do with our bounty.  Then through the wonders of Facebook, I got a recipe from one of my favorite food blogs, Smitten Kitchen, forwarded to me by a friend – a BRILLIANT idea: Strawberries and Cream Biscuits.

 {this pic from Smitten Kitchen is what got me committed to baking up a batch}

The girls love baking as much as I do, so we whipped them up yesterday morning.  Like most scone recipes, it was quick, simple, and indulgently delicious. I’m sure the nearly full stick of butter and cup of cream had EVERYTHING to do with how wonderfully they turned out: sweet, tender, and tasty were these treats.

{my little one cutting in the butter remarked, “butter makes everything taste so good!”, truth from the mouths of babes}

{ta-dah! here’s how ours looked, the strawberry juice came bubbling out, yum}

Its like a strawberry shortcake but rolled into one, made in one bowl, with no whipping of cream, making of strawberry sauce, and its edible on-the-go, who could ask for anything more?


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