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“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” ― Mary Oliver

Don’t stop ’til you get enough

Welcoming the start of summer are MAJOR spring sales at The Big 4 (Nordstrom, Neimans, Barneys, and online only retailer net-a-porter).

I love shopping these sales as it is, but lately work has been a little tumultuous and I’ve needed some retail therapy more than ever.  I must admit that the 40% off deals have gone to my head!  I mean, we’re not talking about the offers that land in your email box practically weekly from Banana Republic, The Gap, and Macy’s… all great stores, but does anyone buy full price at those stores anymore? 

No. What I speak of is the holy grail of sales… sales on designer duds that are very hard to find, rarely discounted, and usually snapped up within hours on a flash sale site.  You might turn my head at 30%, but my rational side still has a fighting chance, especially if I have to pay any kind of sales tax or shipping. Those added costs help the more practical me pass on such frivolous temptations. But, at 40% or even better?! My rational side becomes sort of like a little ant, squished under the very pointy, very beautiful, heel of a new Jimmy Choo shoe (in blue patent leather, no less!)

{Jimmy Choo Abel in Klein, originally $525 NOW $315}

Shoes are definitely my Achilles heel, to use a fitting cliche,  but there are others, so many other stunning and drastically-reduced-in-price pieces just calling my name.

{Saw this at my local Nordstrom, marked down to $839 from $1,395!}

And even a pair of boots that I have been longing for since Christmas 2010, Belstaff’s Barkmaster boots:Never thought I’d see these puppies again, but they are on sale now on net-a-porter.  Happy to report they are in the mail, en route to my doorstep as I type. Fingers crossed that they fit!

I do realize these hardly qualify as “bargains”, even at 40% off we are talking an investment.  BUT…if you are the kind of person who might’ve ever been tempted by these lovelies at full price, then maybe this enough to seal the deal.  For me, I blog to share finds, AND to shop vicariously…because if you wondered, my closet and budget cannot fit all of these finds.

P.S.  For you Minne-locals, check out the sales starting tomorrow (Thursday) running through Sunday 6/3 at 50th & France fashionista faves for the Edina Art Fair weekend (Bumbershute, Grethen House, Ladyslipper, Bluebird, and Drama).


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