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Mother’s Day surprises

Some moms might choose breakfast in bed, some prefer dinner out, jewelry, or even an afternoon at the spa. I’d enjoy all of those, and have in the past six years since becoming a mother. But this year when my husby asked what I might want in the way of motherly recognition I requested a small gift selected by my little girls along with one of their wonderful homemade cards (which I know they’ve been making for the whole last week…ahh, to be adored every now and then!)

They’re getting old enough to understand the idea of giving gifts and it’s important for them to put a little thought into what their dear old mom would like. The sweetest part was how excited they were when they came back from the store…so eager to give their carefully chosen gift that I thought my 6-year-old might burst and blurt out the surprise!

Well, whatever it is I know I will love it because they took the time to get it for me.  And there isn’t much I need anyway, since I have this bad habit of randomly buying my own “gifts”. Coincidentally, this just came in the mail, from one of the flash sale sites…

imageHappy Mother’s Day to me! Yipee!


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