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The perfect summer shoe

I was in a meeting at work the other day when a co-worker who also follows my blog remarked on my shoes:

{Lila patent leather platform wedge in toffee}

I leaned over and shared that they were a recent find from J.Crew, to which she had an incredulous response – apparently she thought I only bought very expensive designer shoes.  Where would she get such an idea? Kidding! Well, it was funny, because expensive is a relative term, and maybe some people would never spend over $100 on shoes, which is what most from J. Crew cost. But, second, she made the point that I don’t mention a lot of this in my blog — and I guess that is true, and I should, because that is the type of info that readers might find more useful than the “deal” that I share about a Helmut Lang blazer found @ Nordstrom Rack for just $250 (seriously, I did find this last week and it is white, fits like a glove, and was originally $650, so yes, I do consider it a steal!)

So, here’s the scoop – these shoes are cute, easy to work into any wardrobe, surprisingly comfortable due to the platform and wedge, and perfect for spring/summer!  They come neutrals but also some fun colors, I personally love this one a bright coral and now that it is ON SALE for $128 (the black patent is also on sale, the blue and toffee colors are $168), I barely have the self-restraint to keep from making this pair #2!

And while I’m sharing trade secrets on deals…if you haven’t checked it out, Banana Republic is a great spot for affordable on-trend costume jewelry, esp when they have a sale (and when don’t they?) Check this new one out – in ivory, tortoise, or black, and buy it before midnight 4/28/12 with the promo code BRPERFECT to get 30% off at checkout:


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