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Details, details, and another delay in our remodel

So close, yet so far. That’s how the end of our remodel is feeling.  Will it ever be over? Will there actually be a time when we can stop living out of our basement? A week ago everything was feeling so promising and we were filled with hope and optimism.  But those hopes were dashed when our large, nearly 9′ x 3′ Calcutta gold marble slab showed up at our home with the hole cut for the prep sink 2.5″ off from where it was supposed to be. REALLY?!  Such a minor mistake, but one that would make it a stretch for me to reach the faucet (at 5’1″these things must be considered) and that made the sink location look a bit odd, just a hair off-center from the width of the island rather than clearly positioned to face one side of the island.

{beautiful stone, but see how far sink is from the front edge of the counter}

So, we rejected the stone. I was trying to balance out what would be reasonable with what we had originally worked out in the design with our architect. It helped the decision that she, too, felt we should reject the counter top.  I knew it could be a fight because our contractor would be asking the fabricator to remove the stone, eat the substantial cost, and then order and fabricate a new slab.  But, I also knew if we didn’t push to get it perfect, then every day I looked at that thing it would annoy the $%^# out of me.  Luckily the fabricator, while putting up a little argument, did finally agree to make it right. We were also lucky that we found another almost identical slab from the same lot quickly.

What this meant though was just further delays, as it threw off the plumbing, the some of the final ceiling/crown work, etc. Meaning we are not going to be finished next week like we’d hoped. We’re already 1 week later than we’d been told in our last timeline update, and 5 weeks over our initial timeline due to time lost in the initial structural and framing work due to unforeseen complexities.  And I’d say we’re about 2 weeks past having much patience for living this way and for eating take out almost every night! We were able to cook in a temp kitchen set up for most of the project, but just Tuesday they hauled away our old stove and oven, so now we’re left with our microwave.

Everything is looking so good, if only we could actually FINISH! It is so painful to watch the slow progress, to see my appliances which just arrived sit there uninstalled, in boxes. They did just put the oven in yesterday, but it is not yet operable.

On the plus side, the gray paint I finally settled on turned out awesome, our granite countertops and fireplace surround and hearth are beautiful, and the trim work is finally done. Trying hard not to be a totally impatient brat about this whole thing, but am also feeling myself walking around with my shoulders up to my ears with tension just waiting to get our life back to some normalcy. Wish me luck (both in reigning in my inner brat and in returning to normalcy)!

{you can see how nice the dark gray granite is with the marble}

{The view from the sink to our deck and yard, and I love these windows!}

{The dark sash with the white trim and gray walls works great, will look even better when the floor protection is removed}

{Fireplace is 100% better from where it was, can anyone remember this below?}

{the white paneled doorways turned out beautifully, a much nicer transition}


4 comments on “Details, details, and another delay in our remodel

  1. alix
    March 9, 2012

    LOVE it. coveting your kitchen from afar. ready to drink some wine and laugh! Can’t wait to see it in person!

    • found not lost
      March 9, 2012

      Thanks Alix! I’m glad you like it! And yes, def can’t wait to see you again. Hope you had fun in the desert!

  2. Amy Perkins
    March 11, 2012

    Love, love, love. We had a house with dark sashes and white trim when we lived in Rochester and I miss them. I know you will love it when you are finished and it will all be worth it.

  3. found not lost
    March 12, 2012

    Thanks, Amy! I know, if we can just push thru this last week or two. I am definitely having you girls over for drinks when it’s all done. 🙂

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