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Still in the dark on our lights

Oh brother. Weeks later, and we are very near the end of our main floor remodel, they’re telling me next week if you can believe that (no, I can’t, but we’ll see). But the “oh brother” is because I STILL don’t have a good light to put over the informal dining table. Not for lack of trying, this was an old post way back when I started looking. It is with a great deal of shame that I confess I’ve probably wasted HOURS upwards of 20 looking for lights: online, in person, schlepping my children and husband to various lighting stores.  Why the shame? Because, I am quite positive that those hours could’ve been spent in a more productive way.

Well, regardless, lights are needed, so here are some of the ones I’ve liked lately, though not enough to seal the deal:

Casual, vintage, but timeless and simple

Twist on the typical plain drum pendant, “croc” in capiz shell

Cool “orb” light, but maybe it looks too much like a basketball

Subtle details with the leather harnesses and trim and slightly fluted drum edge

One of my favorites, like the hardware and the elegant gathered chiffon — trouble is, this is a bit dressier than I was looking for… though it could work in the dining room, but not in this color.

More posts to come, as our counter tops just started getting installed yesterday, so when the protective covering comes off (when they finish painting in that room), I will be sure to share some pics. In the meantime, if you have any strong opinions on which light you like, definitely share them here, I’m at a loss!


7 comments on “Still in the dark on our lights

  1. Wendy
    March 6, 2012

    #2 and #5 are my favs. A little color might be fun in there.

  2. found not lost
    March 6, 2012

    Thanks Wendy for weighing in! I’m thinking along the same lines… all of these details, argh! Cannot wait to have you over when it is finished. 🙂

  3. janereichert
    March 6, 2012

    What does your table look like? Do any of these go better with the table options? I like them all but like #4 a lot. Really like the leather detail!

    • found not lost
      March 7, 2012

      Thanks Jane! This is one of the problems, because I haven’t picked a table it’s hard to choose a light. Chicken or egg, whichever one you pick first sort of leads you down a path on the second one, right? Anyway, a few of the table options I like are here, along with lights:
      if you have a chance, take a peek and you’ll see the sorts of tables I’m leaning toward. I’d describe them as simple, casual… all are rectangle and ~6-7 feet long. I was planning to have mixed chairs + bench for seating.

  4. janereichert
    March 7, 2012

    Hmmm…not to throw a wrench into but I really like the Jonathan Adler one. Is that out of the running? I’m more into the classic shapes and more neutral tones b/c I’m always afraid with something flashier, you’ll get sick of it. Ok with clothes and little things but house stuff lasts longer. Just my 2 cents. I like the leather trim one and the Jon Adler one b/c while classic, they also have some different accents them that don’t make them boring either.

  5. found not lost
    March 7, 2012

    uh oh, I know, I really did like the Jonathan Adler one too, but I’d ruled it out because of its relative plainness. Now your point though makes me rethink it. I cannot just change the light in 2 years because I’m tired of it has to have longevity. At this rate, I’m definitely not going to have my light in time to install it before this project is done. 😦

  6. janereichert
    March 8, 2012

    But remember, I’m a plain girl 🙂 I don’t begrudge some flash on other people…I just know it’s not for me! Whenever I step out of my comfort zone, I usually end up regretting it! Ha ha. All of your choices are gorgeous– you can’t go wrong! And remember, it’s a 1000 steps up from what was there before!

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