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Shop for carry-all totes for work and beyond

A co-worker asked my advice today about a new bag for work. After looking despairingly at her fraying, worn black croc-embossed tote, she wondered what type of bag might make a better impression while possibly (hopefully?) not costing an arm and a leg.

This got me to thinking: I’m in the market for a new work bag too. It is a little sad for me to admit that the black Tumi backpack (in ballastic nylon, no less) I’ve been carrying around for nearly a decade is fraying on its straps and really, has no style identity to speak of.  It’s only practicality and a desire to keep my back balanced that has kept me from switching to a more feminine and fashion-forward tote.

Well, I’ve found a few options for my friend that might inspire me to take the plunge as well, and perhaps convince you! Just click on the pic to shop it…{Longchamp tote, large could hold a laptop in a sleeve + folders, etc.}

Or if you’re feeling indulgent, perhaps something similar in leather…

{Clare Vivier overnighter, roomy, and made of soft, buttery leather}

{J. Crew suede newsstand tote in leopard print, now on final sale for $129!}

{Poppy Glam tote from Coach, large enough for a laptop and then some}

{Slimmer profile, sleek python print leather from Michael Kors}

{City Tote Bag from Tory Burch, in elephant, will be a classic}

If you go for the logos and don’t mind about the whole “arm and a leg” thing…

{Gucci Sukey large tote, beautiful shape, would be a great carry on as well}


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