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Our remodel: the end is near

This last week was all about wood, wood, and more wood.  And what a difference a week makes. If you recall, just a week or so ago we had walls and ceilings up for the kitchen/family room remodel. The rooms were taking shape.

Then, our white oak floors were laid down starting last week through this week, sanded, stained a rich espresso brown color, and sealed.  We had to evacuate our home because the fumes from the stain and poly coat were so strong I feared for our health (and even if not that, it gave me a pounding headache just the few minutes I was in it to pack our bags). They turned out beautifully, Dave, the floor guy Platinum uses, was meticulous and did such an excellent job.

The day after the floors dried, Thane Schultz and his crew from Fine wood Structures arrived with all of their cabinets to install: kitchen, island, mudroom, bar area. In the course of two days, they had every cabinet hung, all of the pieces installed, and have just some crown molding to put up and the hardware to attach (which we still don’t have, due to my indecisiveness… I don’t know why this is so hard, when choosing most of the other things was so easy!)

It was like Christmas Eve anticipation driving home from work yesterday knowing I’d see some of our cabinetry.  To understand how important this piece was to us, you have to rewind many months back.  Over the summer my husband and I were wrestling with how much of our budget to spend on cabinetry, and to go custom, semi-custom, or off-the-rack.  We were already pushing our limits on budget and wondered if this could be a way to make a tradeoff.  We ended up choosing custom because of the flexibility and quality, and felt we’d found someone who could deliver good value as well.

Now, with the end near, thanks to our architect, contractor, and Thane, it appears our decision was the right one. We couldn’t be happier with how it is all coming together. But enough words, see for yourself:

View into kitchen, far wall is where the cooktop and hood will go.

Loads of natural light, gorgeous floors, and bar, gap is where beverage fridge will be, and bar to be topped in honed dark gray granite.

Island, bar, and mudroom made of quarter-sawn white oak natural finish, photo doesn’t do it justice, so you’ll just have to come over to see for yourself!

Check out this awesome hidden pantry panel — so much storage, all behind a wooden panel (which is being painted white to match the kitchen cabinets). This is just one of two that are a part of the archway into the kitchen.

At last, a mudroom! Four cubbies, plus storage over head and below, on a slate tile floor. Magnetic board, charging station, mail shelves at left. We’re all set for next winter!

2 comments on “Our remodel: the end is near

  1. eva626
    February 13, 2012

    LOVE IT! it came out beautifully! cant wait to see the finished touches

    • found not lost
      February 13, 2012

      Thanks! I am very happy with it too, and will definitely post more when the appliances and countertops are in, trim is up, and paint is on the walls! I’ll also be sure to post some “before” pics cause you won’t believe the difference!

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